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Battle of Mind is a website dedicated to helping others find their own path to emotional and mental recovery, strengthen their minds or simply find relaxation in stressful lives.

After the founder experienced little support from the state, even though at risk of suicide, waiting 3 months before being assessed in a psychiatric hospital, given 4 hours CBT and a high dosage of anti depressants, a realisation of knowing how the mind works and being able to rely on yourself to heal became evident.

Healing from mental illness is a very unique and personal path and the cause of our difficulties are also personal to us. With this in mind it is in our belief that the same medication for the same illness is not a successful medication and having various varying options on how to get onto a better path to recovery or contentment became ever more important. This is how Battle of Mind was born.

Battle of Mind gives others an armoury to help heal themselves and eventually, at some stage, become stronger, happier, people.

Please note, Battle of Mind provides general information and is not intended to serve as a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, treatment or any other mental health or professional service. By using Battle of Mind, you agree to fully comply with and be bound by our Terms of Service.

Therapy Directory of BoM

Therapy Directory

A visual therapist directory that uses Google API to match therapists to your area quickly and efficiently. This directory gives anyone searching more options of both traditional and complementary treatments enhancing the feeling of peace of mind by being in control of their choices.

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BoM Shop

The shop stocks recommended products that are known to be useful for improved mental and emotional health. All proceeds that are accumulated from the selling of products will go to the promotion and awareness of BoM so we can reach out to others who would benefit the Battle of Mind website.

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